Every time I have come to the shop, the employees working there and the owners have always been fair with me. I would call them, and they always give me an honest answer. If I ever need to trade in and when I need to purchase, Carolina Silver & Gold will always be my first stop! Thank you so much for your help every time.

- Carmisha W.

The staff is extremely helpful and polite, and the prices are very reasonable. I would recommend.

- Jeshaun W.

Scott is a good salesperson, and he has a good heart. He will help you out with any deals, so come and see him.

- Patricia H.

I went there a couple of weeks ago to sell some coins and a few bills and not knowing what to expect, but as soon as I walked in, I was helped right away by the owner and an employee. Both were very helpful and fast. Thanks to the two gentlemen who helped me. You really helped me big-time that day.

- Jay C.

Great prices, and they don’t try to jerk you. I would definitely recommend them.

- Tarif E.

Always nice and fair. Good local shop. I would recommend to anyone. My go-to for any kind of coins. Easy and honest reviews. Hard to find more trustworthy people. I don’t even bother shopping around since I found the store.

- Shaun F.

Jeff and his father have always been fair and honest. This store has the best selection of jewelry, guns, and collectibles anywhere around. Customer for life!

- Rocky M.

AMAZING and friendly service, very knowledgeable, and best, most fair prices in town. I cannot wait to return to do some shopping! They have some of the most gorgeous pieces of all kinds!

- Fin

Very neat store with a large inventory of coins, currency, jewelry, and guns. Owners are very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

- Rob B.

It’s always scary dealing with people you don’t know when buying and selling coins and precious metals. These guys are no nonsense and the least sketch of any of the local dealers. Highly recommended.

- Alice

I came to sell some old coins and bills I had collected over many years. Great professional service. I’m very pleased with the amount offered and their advice on what was of value and what was just spending money (no collector value). I also made a purchase while there. I highly recommend these professionals.

- Rick J.

Great service and good selection of coins.

- CJ S.

I went in for the first time this morning. I was pleased with the visit. I didn’t feel ripped off, and I felt my questions were answered quickly and factually. I would recommend this shop and will go back in the future.

- Marcus N.

I have not sold gold in almost twenty years. Apparently now is the time to sell because when I stopped in this past Thursday, I was not only pleased, but I was also impressed with the strong offer I received.
I can 100% say, without a doubt, if you are reading this, you just realized that this is where you want to take your gold, silver, coins etc. I’m actually going back tomorrow with a few more pieces with gold paying what it is right now. A++

- Jme Hold It Now

Carolina Silver & Gold had exactly what I wanted. A very pleasant exchange was made, and I left satisfied! End of story.

- Andy & Susan D.

I purchased some silver coins from these guys. I’m extremely happy with the service provided, and I will definitely be back!

- Kimberly K.

I’ve been here several times over the years and came back today. I’ve always had a fair and reputable experience with any transaction. I highly recommend.

- Ronald Z.

I’ve been to multiple places; however, this guy is straight to the point. He offered the most in gold and silver! Thank you.

- Maria B.

I came in just looking for a single silver bullion coin or round. These guys were happy to show me some stuff, and I left with a very reasonably priced maple leaf. They seemed like straight shooters. I will be glad to return in the future for my small transactions.

- Eric S.

Quick and easy, higher than others places I went to. I will come back again.

- Mike S.

Very professional gentlemen assisted us and handled our transaction. They were very fair in their offer. I definitely will do business with them again.

- Ken G.

Great service and good money for what we brought in. Go see them!

- Sandy S.

Very friendly and knowledgeable. The only thing I didn’t expect was getting a check instead of cash, but had no problem depositing the check into my bank. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get rid of any jewelry that has been sitting around collecting dust.

- Masharria S.

The guys here are very knowledgeable. You can trust them to give an accurate assessment of what you bring to them. I have worked with them regularly for several years and have enjoyed working with them.

- Kirby S.

Awesome, quick service!!! Thanks, and we will definitely be back!

- Michael V.

Best service ever. Carolina Silver & Gold provided much courtesy and respect to me as a first-time customer.

- Debbie M.

Carolina Silver & Gold really helped and gave me the most money for my old coins. Thanks a lot.

- Joy R.

Cheapest guns I’ve seen in any pawn shop. Great customer service.

- Zion W.

Just visiting Greensboro from Philly. Found a coin shop with great people, great service and fair prices. I would definitely recommend. Very knowledgeable people. They took excellent care of me. I picked up a 1/4 eagle pendant for a chain. Huge inventory and selection. Great customer service. Thanks again to Scott. 5-star experience.

- Tahid S.

I just had a very pleasant experience here. I sold my sterling silver flatware and got a great price. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you. I definitely would sell to this place and will let my friends know as well. Very professional and safe to go into the store.

- Janice M.

I enjoy each time I go in. I enjoy buying silver. They’re always nice & I enjoy talking with them. Thank you.

- Teddy M.

Best shop ever!!! Come check it out!!!

- Mc Queen

Quick and easy. Beautiful store. Management was very polite and super helpful. I will be coming back

- David S.

Absolutely AMAZING customer service and experience each time I sell silver and gold to these gentlemen. They are consistent, courteous and give top dollar for all of the items each time I sell to them. They are patient and take the time to look at each of my items with care. Extremely thorough and meticulous! I would highly recommend—this is the only shop I will be selling to!

- Hannah V.

These guys are amazing! The shop is clean, the merchandise is professionally cased, and the transaction for my coins was fast and legit. Bring those silver, gold, and jewelry items here. OR come get something nice!

- Pealee L.

We walked in and dealt with the two most professional gentlemen as we were selling my great grandmother’s sterling. They checked every last piece for us. They made it simple, gave us a very fair price, and my husband and I will definitely be going back again!

- Kate S.

Highly recommend! I stopped in today to sell some silver jewelry I no longer wear and was paid more than expected! I also asked the owner some questions about how to value coins, dollars, etc., and he was very open to share his knowledge with me. I will be returning soon to sell some of my silver-plated items!

- Luanne R.

Great place. Always a pleasant experience coming here. These guys are professionals and will offer you the best deal they can. If you don’t think so, then you likely might not understand that they too have to make money. Highly recommended and the only place you should go to here in the Greater Greensboro area.

- JCeePoker

Great prices. I will never buy constitutional silver online again.

- Karim B.

They always give you top dollar for your gold or silver. I went to a pawn shop, and they offered me $604. I came to Carolina Silver & Gold, and they gave me $1,020.

- Dana D.

Best guys to deal with that I’ve found. I won’t go anywhere else. Better prices than anyone in town. I go there for all my coins and precious metal needs.

- Tony M.

Honest & fair. I drive from Burlington to trade with these guys. I’ve been going there for years. I truly trust this establishment. You will get a fair assessment of your precious metals. These guys are the real deal, and they know exactly what they’re doing. This is no rinky-dink operation; no pawn shop mentality. You know their professionals as soon as you get to the door. So if you have gold, silver, platinum, palladium or any other kind of precious metal you need to turn into cash (they’ll write you a check), you know where to go.

- Jay F.

Polite, good service and fair prices. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Jen H.

I have been buying and selling jewelry and coins with Jeff Rubenstein for almost 20 years. I’ve utilized him for appraisals and have been very pleased with the results. He is knowledgeable and is always reasonable with his prices and services. This is an outstanding business, top notch in every way and definitely worthy of a visit (to buy or sell). These gentlemen will go the extra mile to be fair and honest with their customers. I highly recommend Carolina Silver & Gold.

- Debra B.

Nice couple of gentlemen. They gave me the best price in town. If I have any other pieces I’d like to sell, I’d definitely come back.

- Mariela S.

I had a nice visit, great deals. I highly recommend you stopping by.

- Anthony J.

Great place to take your valuable coins. Carolina Silver & Gold will make the best offer for you.

- Amanda R.

Great people to deal with. I will be going back.

- Jennifer D.

Very nice and helpful personnel and much to choose from. I will definitely come back!

- Stephen L.

Always a great experience with them. Always friendly and professional!!!

- Compton Girlz

Great people! Very knowledgeable and fair on pricing. I will definitely do business with them again!

- Triston G.

Awesome people. I saw a commercial on TV and had to come check them out. Scott was very informative and knows what he is talking about. I highly recommend everyone to come and check them out.

- Tay J.

Very professional and knowledgeable. Scott answered all our questions and took his time with us. It was an enjoyable experience. We will be back.

- LeeAnn S.

I went in to sell some old silver coins. Carolina Silver & Gold was fast and kind to help me.

- Greenebean15

Great business, great prices, friendly people.

- Chris M.

Jeff is awesome! Long-time customer here! I would recommend to everyone looking for a coin dealer! A+ great service!

- Gregory M.

Very good place with many options.

- Cristiano

First-time buyer at this facility. All I can say is WOW!!! The experience made me feel safe and secure as soon as I walked in the door. I didn’t know what to expect when I showed up today, and the gentlemen who greeted me today were very friendly and professional. They answered all my questions and were willing to spend some time with me. Thank you for helping me stack some precious metals. All I can say is you have a customer for life. I will be back in the near future. Thank you.

- Cameron M.

These guys were very professional and prompt with buying my gold jewelry. They also gave me top dollar for the pieces I brought to sell. I’d recommend this business to anyone looking to buy or sell any silver or gold.

- Dennis S.

I came for silver and left with silver, arguably getting a pretty good deal on a numismatic purchase too. They have some cool stuff, and it’s a very clean and tidy shop. I think cleanliness and outward appearance get overlooked by lots of coin and gun shops.

- Bruce M.

Best in Greensboro NC. I have been satisfied each visit.

- Stacey P.

These guys have the best of the best prices and so many coins. They are great businessmen and have FANTASTIC prices. It is WORTH the trip to Carolina Silver & Gold.

- Tanner P.

Best place in town to buy your precious metals. Premiums are lower than any other shop in town that I have seen, and they are very helpful. Carolina Silver & Gold should definitely be your first stop.

- Adam S.

Best price given for my coins and good service.

- Ken W.

Very nice guys. I stopped by there with my family to look at some coins. They had good prices on some coins.

- Encompass 13

Sold silver at top price today. Thanks!

- Debra G.

A wonderful place to do business. Very professional and great prices.

- Andrew C.

Best place to go for your silver and gold needs!!! Always a pleasure!!!

- Carri S.

This is the shop to go to if you want top dollar for your valuables! The people there are knowledgeable, polite and keep transactions simple. After getting offers from two other places, I went to Carolina Silver & Gold. They paid me substantially more!!

- Lois L.

Very nice gentlemen. Safe. Carolina Silver & Gold has the best pay-out for coins in town.

- Teresa B.

Very nice and honest staff. I enjoyed working with them.

- Robert K.

Great service. Fair prices and very good customer service. I would recommend. Great deals too!

- Tyler C.

Great company. I’ve done business with them for a year or so now, and they are reliable, trustworthy and easy to deal with.

- Jessica G.

Higher price paid, quick & hassle-free transaction. Friendly. As good as it gets! Glad I stopped by. Thank you to them!

- A. G.

Quick and easy service!!! Friendly workers. Well worth the visit !! Buy in seconds.

- Brandon B.