Where to Check for Precious Metals Around Your House [infographic]

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We buy all kinds of precious metals at Carolina Silver & Gold, including platinum, gold, and silver jewelry, as well as heirlooms and coins. Precious metals could be hiding in your home right under your nose, and there are several places to check around your house for items of value.

Places to Check 

If you live in an older house that has been occupied by several families over the years, check these spots for precious metals we could buy from you:

  • Above the ceilings in your closets and behind any false walls
  • Under floorboards and wooden stairs
  • Behind bricks in your foundation walls, flues, and fireplace
  • Spots concealed underneath the cement in your basement floors
  • Spots buried underneath your yard, hidden under any walkways, and in other outdoor locations

Where to Check for Precious Metals Around Your House

Common Items Around the House

You should also check around your house for items that typically contain precious metals:

  • Gold and silver-plated plaques and trophies
  • Gold and silver-plated metal picture frames
  • Antique silver and gold-filled eyeglass frames
  • Antique lighting fixtures plated in gold
  • Older silver, platinum, or gold jewelry of any kind
  • Bathroom fixtures plated in gold
  • Rare coin collections

Our Buying Process

Once you bring in your items for us to buy, here’s what the process will look like:

  • We’ll look over your collection and let you know what each item is worth.
  • We’ll give you an approximate estimate for what we will buy your items for.
  • We’ll collect the items from you in return for payment.