When is The Best Time to Sell Jewelry?

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Here at Carolina Silver & Gold, we have been buying and selling gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for over 40 years. So, take it from us when we say you don’t need to own bullion to have a solid investment. Your jewelry might be even more valuable than bullion, depending on its historical or cultural significance.

When is The Best Time to Sell Jewelry?

In order to make your investment count, the key is always to bide your time. There are certain moments when it’s highly rewarding to sell jewelry, such as:

  • Major holidays. Around Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas are some of the best times to sell jewelry. People are usually more sentimental during these times. Therefore, they’ll be more willing to pay a pretty penny for your valuables.
  • When the price of precious metals is rising. Precious metals are a great store of value, especially when currencies experience inflation. During these periods, their prices usually spike, as there’s high demand for them. You can take advantage of this by selling your jewelry for a much bigger sum.
  • When you would like to upgrade your collection. Let’s say you’ve laid your eyes on a unique gold piece guaranteed to gain some serious value on the resale market. To afford the piece, you might have to sell your current jewelry. This is always an excellent move if you’re short on cash and are confident you’ll be getting value for your money in the long run.

When the time to sell your jewelry comes, we are willing buyers. We’ll ensure you get a good return on your investment with a fair buy offer. So, get in touch with us today; we’d love to see what you have!