Tips from Our Jewelry Store: How to Store Your Jewelry Safely

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One of the most important things that a jewelry store does is store its pieces safely and securely to protect them. If you want to store your jewelry for a while and later sell it, its quality can be impacted by poor storage conditions.

Tips from Our Jewelry Store: How to Store Your Jewelry Safely

You can store your pieces just like the professionals at a jewelry store without any special requirements. Avoid tarnishing or damage with these storage tips:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Jewelry should be stored at room temperature while avoiding direct sunlight. Humidity leads to tarnishing and discoloration, so maintaining a dry environment will help preserve your pieces.
  • Store diamonds and gemstones separately: Since diamonds are the hardest gemstones, they can scratch any material that has a lower rank on the Mohs scale. This is true to any stone that is harder than others. Ensure you keep your gemstone jewelry neatly placed in trays or use separators to make sure your other pieces are safe.
  • Store silver with silica packets: Silver loses its luster due to moisture. One way to help protect it is to loosely wrap your clean silver and then store it with some of the silica packets that come alongside new shoes. This will help to maintain dryness.
  • Use a jewelry box with soft, dry lining: Not only does this provide a secure spot to store your jewelry where you know you can find it, but gold is also a soft metal that is susceptible to scratches or dents. Using a storage container with a fabric lining will help to protect it. If this is not an option, wrap your pieces in a soft cloth before storing.

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