5 Common Household Items that Could Be Gold [infographic]

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Who doesn’t want a little bit of extra cash in their pocket? At Carolina Silver & Gold, we buy gold for cash, and you could have some of these items in your house that contain gold and not even know it. Check around your house for these items and bring them to us if you want an appraisal and possibly to make some extra cash.

5 Common Household Items that Could Be Gold

  1. Sterling Flatware—If old tableware is only gathering dust, bring it to us to see if you can make some cash off of it.
  2. Old lighting fixtures—Decades ago, many light fixtures were made from silver and gold. If you live in an older house, check your light fixtures to see if they’re made from these precious metals.
  3. Coins—Just like old light fixtures, many old coins were made from gold and other precious metals. If you have an old coin collection sitting around, it could convert into some extra cash.
  4. Watches and jewelry—If you have watches or jewelry sitting in your jewelry box that you want to put to good use, consider selling them to us.
  5. Old glasses—Prior to 1975, glasses were often made from gold. If you own a pair of older glasses, there’s a chance that they could be plated or even filled with gold.